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At Main Line Behavior Services we take a progressive approach to ABA Therapy, incorporating innovative techniques based on the latest research. Our integrative model allows us to perfectly customize a program to support and empower your child. 


Our Services

One of the most common and effective forms of therapy for children with Autism is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA seeks to decrease inappropriate, problem behaviors (e.g. tantrums) and replace them with adaptive, pro-social behaviors (e.g. using words to express wants and needs). ABA is also used to teach developmental and social skills. 



a comprehensive, multidisiplanary assessment of development

Individual Therapy

Customized programming to build skills and decrease problematic behavior. 

Parent Training

famimly-centered support, guidance, and education


Main Line Behavior Services sees mindfulness as a natural complement to ABA. Defined as purposefully attending to the present moment without judgement or reactivity, mindfulness-based therapies have been proven to provide extensive benefits to individuals with autism and their families. These include improvements in communication, emotional regulation, attention, and general well-being.