Main Line Behavior Services offers comprehensive evaluations, which include the following. 

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  • Summary of Records
  • Assessments Results
    • Developmental Skills Assessment
    • Behavior Profile
    • Social Skills Assessment
    • Life Skills Inventory
    • Recommendation of Support Services
    • Behavior Plan
    • Suggested Goals
    • Individualized Parent Training Program

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individual thearpy

Our creative therapy style makes for engaging and effective individual sessions.

Customized programs are developed for each child to build appropriate skills, such as those listed. We also work to decrease problematic behaviors by teaching proactive, functional alternatives.

  • Attention and focus
  • Functional communication
  • Age-appropriate skill acquisition
  • Social, life, and community skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Trust, empathy, and compassion
  • Self-monitoring and self-regulation

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Parent Training

Main Line Behavior Services prides itself in its family-centered approach and emphasizes the need for parent training as a component in effective behavior therapy.

Both ABA and Mindfulness approaches have been proven to improve quality of life for parents and children, decrease parenting stress, empower parents in managing problematic behavior, establish compliance in daily routines and increase enjoyment of family activities at home and in the community.

Individual parent training goals are developed in collaboration with the child’s parents to ensure an outcome that is meaningful to them. We pride ourselves in providing easy to follow strategies that are applicable in the “real world” and support parents as they move toward a greater sense of well-being for their families.